Publicis and Omnicom merged… Now what?

When two agencies merge at this scale there are clearly going to be all kinds of issues. T-Mobile has always mocked AT&T and their ads and now T-Mobile’s holding company has merged with the agency which makes these ads.

There are huge brands which work these 2 agencies and some of them are competition! Some of their big clients include names like General Motors, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Toyota Motor, L’Oréal and Sprint and the time is right for competitors to see which of the accounts can be stolen from gigantic new ad agency. The most interesting brand rivals that are being served by the same agency are Pepsi and Coke. This means that two of the biggest brand advertising spenders and now being served by the same vendor. A situation that is unlikely to last for very long. The one way to combat this is to create some type of firewalls between the two teams that the two different brands are working with it, but it’s not clear that this will be enough. Our prediction is that Pepsi is going to find some other agency to handle most of it’s key business. and Starcom MediaVest is going to be Coke’s major partner.

The other really interesting conflict is going to be AT&T and T-mobile. Both of them are huge rivals and the rivalry is only heating up. Maybe it’s time to get some popcorn and watch

Social media can increase purchase intent

Many brands still seem quite confounded on how to best harness the power of social media. As more and more people spend more time on social media it makes a lot of sense for brands to tap into people’s attention on these sites and educate them about their products.

Brands should effectively harness the viral nature of social media platforms and work towards building a big presence on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. This is a non trivial amount of work but is well worth it. Once a significant presence is established on social media, the next step is to have a social media manager make entertaining and engaging post. The trick is to make sure some of these posts go viral in time. The more viral the post is the more followers you get. Building a following and creating engaging content is a non trivial task that is going to take time, effort and energy.

The first step is to hire a social media manager which is good at what she does. The next step is to have her spend time on the page creating compelling and interesting content. The key thing that most brands don’t get is that it’s not about promoting their brand all the time. It’s about giving users engaging content that they will reshare that may or may not be immediately associated with the brand

A new brand of commercial

The VMAs had some very interesting commercials this time around. In the 2014 Kia Soul ad, the party rock hamsters are back and are working exercise machines.

They are also rocking out to the Lady Gaga’s latest single ‘Applause” as they work on their physique on the beach, in the gym, and the pool. As they get working, a KIA technician is working on the 2014 KIA Soul.
Both the hamsters and the soul get their final touches before walking down the red carpet.

Wait until they finish to see why this can be funny. These commercials mark a distinct trend towards advertisers and brands adopting and embracing the irreverent millennials

Twitter’s Amplify Platform

Twitter has been busy messaging to the advertisers that it is the standard channel for a second screen experience. Watch your favorite TV show and consume tweets about it at the same time. Every year, the number of tweets about a live show breaks a new record. With the VMAs, Miley Cyrus broke all records. A record number of 10.7 million viewers tuned in to watch the VMAs and the number of tweets per second blew out all records.

Data analysts and marketing types can now see the monitor all the tweets in real time. Their amplify product helps the monitor this and more intelligently market these tweets to the right people. A combination of promoted tweets, right targeting and using the right creative should help them result in better branded recall and purchasing intent

The Prometheus Paris Metro Stop

We’ve posted before about Ridley Scott’s upcoming film Prometheus, but the latest stunt really pulls out all the stops and transforms an abandoned Paris Metro stop into an ad for the film that lets riders imagine themselves on an alien world for a few short moments.


Ad-Supported Afterlife

The notion that people will be able to download their consciousnesses into computers has been the stuff of science-fiction for ages. Humorist Tom Scott (of fame recently developed the idea of an ad-supported hyperreality that he demos in the video above. A sardonic take on the possibilities afforded by technology.


How to Diffuse a Klout Bomb

In the last month, there have been two memes which have taken aim squarely at Klout’s self-importance and ultimate meaninglessness. The first, Kloutbombing, is in reference to the way that your friends (or enemies) can list your online social presence as being influential for topics that are irrelevant or irreverent (e.g. farts, diapers, etc).

The second development is a bit more bitter:

Klouchebag is a service which pokes fun at the delusional and annoying behavior of Twitter users and others who attempt to create a high Klout score by ranking the “klouchiness” of Twitter styles. Funny.


Amazing Underwater Content

In GoPro’s latest spot for its HD cameras, two divers take the viewer into an amazing underwater world. Truly a captivating spot.


Pepsi’s New Branded Content Strategy

In this new spot for Pepsi Max, NBA rookie of the year Kyrie Irving poses as an elderly man while he takes on some “regular guys” at a pickup game in New Jersey, with predictable results.


Hilarious and Depressing Anti-Copywriting

If you’ve ever seen an ad in a magazine or on a billboard and thought “that copy is terrible and suggests its own bitter response” then you’re going to like The Depressed Copywriter, which features all manner of depressing/sarcastic takes on advertising that’s reminiscent of Adbuster’s “Culture Jam” series of the early 2000s.


Uniqlo’s Alarm App?

For its latest campaign, Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has partnered with Grammy nominee Cornelius (aka Keigo Oyamada) as well as Yoko Kanno to create a beautiful sounding and looking alarm clock application that wakes users with gentle song. Check out this beautiful video as well. It’s available for free from the App Store and Android Marketplace.


What’s the ROI of Your Mother?

In this hilarious and insightful talk from Gary Vaynerchuk at 500inc, he compares the ROI on traditional media like billboards and magazines to contemporary social media ROI. Turns out that social media generates more engagement and better metrics. What a shocker.


Gorgeous Branding Reel - MiTV

Argentinian TV station MiTV shows off this gorgeous new branding reel to get the look and feel “just so.”